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Our Passion for Dogs:

Our love for dogs is boundless, and if we could, we would provide a home for every dog in need. This passion stems from a childhood surrounded by four delightful and affectionate Shih-Tues.-Nuff, Jazz, Khan, and Pooh. As an adult, the joy of companionship continued with Domino, a charming 75-pound Dalmatian, who remained a beloved “lap dog” for almost 14 years.

Since then, our home has become a haven for rescues: Storm (black lab mix), Bella (a yellow lab mix), Barley (rat terrier/feist/pittie mix), and Lily (dingo/rhodesian ridgeback/terrier/pit bull/sweetness).

Abdul samee, Co-Founder

The FastPetCoverage.com Journey:

Our story began with a devoted dog lover who, despite the desire to save every dog, faced limitations in space, time, and resources. Hence, FastPetCoverage.com was born a comprehensive resource providing dog enthusiasts with tips, answers to questions, and valuable insights. Our aim is to empower our readers to create a better life for their four-legged friends. To learn more about us, visit our team page.

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