Affiliate Disclosure

The inclusion of vendors in our reviews is not influenced by affiliate compensation. Our commitment to unbiased reviews remains steadfast, conducted independently of any affiliate negotiations.

To uphold our internal policy, our writers and researchers extensively research a product or service before writing an article, review, or opinion. Only after completing the content do we engage in affiliate relationships, monetizing our associations with merchants.

Here’s how the process unfolds:

  • Our writers cover various topics, from tutorials and tips to reviews and event reports. Visitor requests often shape our content.
  • Articles are published, and user feedback is continually monitored through an open comment policy. Comments are moderated, with edits limited to grammar, spelling, and kid-friendly content. Irrelevant, abusive, offensive, spammy, or duplicate comments are not published.
  • We compensate our dedicated team—writers, researchers, developers, editors—by establishing affiliate relationships.

Understanding Affiliate Relationships:

In an affiliate relationship, we link to products or services discussed in our articles. For instance, if we review dog leashes, we outline their pros and cons, incorporating research and visitor feedback. Afterward, we link to participating dog leash products. Clicking these links directs you to the merchant’s website. If a purchase occurs through our referral, we receive a commission. These funds are then used to compensate our hardworking team, dedicated to providing the content you seek.

Guidelines and Disclosures:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued guidelines in 2009 and more specific guidelines in 2013 to regulate endorsements and testimonials. These guidelines aim to ensure that endorsements genuinely represent the endorser’s opinion, safeguarding consumers’ ability to make informed and unbiased purchasing decisions.

Compensation Disclosure:

This Compensation Disclosure is provided to fully disclose any relationship between our product or service recommendations and their owners. Before making online purchases, it’s recommended to conduct your own research and exercise due diligence.

Key Disclosures:

  • Material Affiliation:
    • Assume a material connection between mentioned products or services and this website unless stated otherwise.
    • Recommendations are made in good faith, reflecting personal experience or extensive research.
  • Product/Service Partiality:
    • Recognize potential bias due to the material connection between the website owner and recommended products or services.
    • Efforts are made to provide accurate and truthful reviews, but biases may exist.
  • Compensation:
    • The website owner may receive compensation for recommendations.
    • Compensation may be monetary, services, or complimentary products.
    • Some form of compensation might occur if you make a purchase through an affiliate link.
  • Compensation Disclosure Statement:
    • This statement informs you of the potential material connection between products or services recommended on the website and the website owner.
    • Every effort is made to provide accurate statements regarding mentioned products or services.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact us before purchasing any product or service mentioned on this website.

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