Gnome Lawn Care Reviews: Features, Pricing, Plans, How It Works

Gnome Lawn Care Reviews

Many individuals who own pets understand the challenge of keeping their yards lush and vibrant. The lawn serves as both a play area for people and pets alike, but this dual purpose can lead to significant upkeep and restoration efforts. Locating lawn products that are safe for use can prove to be quite difficult.

Gnome Lawn Care provides an array of all-natural liquid fertilizers that are entirely safe for both children and pets. Additionally, they offer an organic product line. Our team of experts delves into this subscription-based liquid fertilizer company to gain insight into their practices and the effectiveness of their offerings.

Gnome presents a three-step approach to nourishing lawns with liquid nutrients while ensuring the safety of pets and people by avoiding harsh chemicals. Utilizing exclusively natural ingredients, they craft personalized lawn care plans tailored to the distinct requirements of each individual yard. Let’s delve deeper into the distinguishing features that set Gnome apart.

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Gnome Lawn Care Reviews

Product Name: Gnome Lawn Care

Product Description: Gnome Lawn Care specializes in crafting all-natural, chemical-free liquid fertilizers, weed control solutions, and pest management products designed specifically for lawns.


Gnome Lawn Care has innovated all-natural liquid fertilizers, pest control, and weed management solutions tailored for lawns. Their product range encompasses a variety of options, entirely free from harsh or toxic chemicals. Plus, they offer customizable subscription plans, conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep.

What We Find Good
  • Made from entirely natural ingredients
  • Organic product range available
  • Various kits and plans for selection
  • Tailored, customized plans offered
  • Flexible monthly or yearly subscription options
  • Puppy Patch Repair solution available
  • Comprehensive weed management services
  • Effective pest control solutions
  • Products rich in essential nutrients
  • Safe for both people and pets
  • Range includes liquid fertilizer and nutrient blends
  • Dedicated to environmental sustainability

What We Not Find Good
  • Currently not offering grass seed for sale
  • Limited selection available for addressing pet damage
  • Some customers express dissatisfaction with the outcomes
  • Priced higher compared to certain off-the-shelf alternatives

Key Features

  • Fully natural
  • Comprehensive lawn care regimen
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Subscription-based service
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Tailored, personalized plans
  • Achieve greener grass within 2 weeks
  • Proud member of 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of sales to environmental initiatives

Gnome Fertilizer

The genesis of Gnome Lawn Care traces back to two friends who shared a deep love for the sensation of soft, lush grass beneath their feet. Pierce and Clyde, the co-founders, reminisced about their childhood days spent barefoot on the grass, attributing the health of the lawn to conventional fertilizer pellets. However, as they matured, they discovered that plants primarily derive their nutrition from water in the soil, prompting them to seek a more efficient method of nourishment.

Driven by this insight, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize lawn care, culminating in the creation of Gnome's liquid fertilizer. Setting themselves apart from competitors, Gnome specializes in an exclusive, concentrated organic formula. Their core philosophy, "Lawns don't eat, they drink," underscores their understanding of plant physiology: water and nutrients are absorbed through the roots via tiny tubes known as Xylem, essentially acting as straws to deliver vital sustenance to the entire plant structure. While plants can absorb some nutrients through their leaves, the primary source of nourishment and energy stems from the roots' ability to draw nutrients from the water and soil.

Gnome aspires to democratize organic landscaping, making it readily accessible to homeowners across the nation. As part of an expanding array of subscription-based home grass care programs, Gnome stands out as one of the premier organic grass care and garden brands. With the aim of supplanting traditional professional grass fertilization programs, the brand has meticulously crafted nutrient formulas tailored for "every conceivable lawn in the continental United States.

Liquid plant food serves as the cornerstone of the company's product line. These fertilizer formulations exclusively incorporate natural ingredients, completely devoid of glyphosates and harmful chemicals. Embracing nature's bounty, the brand utilizes elements such as Atlantic kelp, corn steep, soy protein, lemongrass oil, cedarwood oil, and iron to craft liquid fertilizers aimed at enhancing grass quality and health within a mere two weeks.

Gnome has meticulously tailored its liquid fertilizers and products to complement all varieties of turf grass found across the continental United States. The website lists an array of grass types, encompassing fescue, Bermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, zoysia, ryegrass, bentgrass, bahia, and centipede. Moreover, if a homeowner's specific grass type isn't covered by existing formulas, the team pledges to collaborate directly with them to develop a tailored solution.

Additionally, Gnome offers a soil test kit, empowering customers to delve deeper into their soil's composition and quality. This invaluable tool aids in identifying the precise needs of the soil, facilitating the transformation into a fertile and thriving substrate.

How Does Gnome Lawn Care Work?

Gnome operates through a subscription model, offering customers the flexibility to opt for either an annual plan or monthly deliveries, depending on the product. Annual plans are accompanied by detailed instructions for year-round usage. Meanwhile, monthly subscriptions entail the convenient delivery of a single pouch each month, facilitating continuous support for healthy grass growth.

Gnome Products & Plans

At Gnome, their products are affectionately dubbed as "gnomes," and both people and pets are included in this terminology. Customers are presented with a choice: they can either select from prepackaged plans or tailor-make plans to suit their yard's individual requirements. The customization process commences with a brief questionnaire concerning the customer's yard and grass conditions.

Upon furnishing details regarding lawn usage, grass type, and objectives, the website utilizes both the customer's input and internal data and research to propose a tailored plan. Subsequently, owners can specify their yard's size and supplement it with additional products as necessary, thereby creating a personalized plan.

Moreover, the company provides a tool enabling customers to input their addresses, which then estimates yard size and guides them through survey questions to determine the most suitable option. Alternatively, individuals who prefer not to complete the full survey or are uncertain about their needs can utilize the Lawn Doctor tool. This tool allows customers to select from a list of concerns, receiving product recommendations accordingly. Prices vary depending on the selected products and yard size.

The company provides a comprehensive organic line tailored for customers committed to using exclusively organic yard care products. Additionally, all other offerings are crafted from entirely natural ingredients, devoid of artificial elements or harmful toxic chemicals.

3 Yard Sizes

  1. Dwarf – 2,500 square feet
  2. Standard – 2,500-5,000 square feet
  3. Giant – Over 5,000 – square feet

Here's a breakdown of some plans and products offered by the company:

  • Nutrient pouches cater to areas of up to 5,000 square feet.
  • Weed control pouches nourish areas of up to 2,500 square feet.
  • Mosquito Defense pouches provide coverage for up to 2,500 square feet.

Additionally, the Magic Lawn Plans are crafted to assist customers in achieving the lushest grass in the neighborhood. These custom care plans support the growth of healthy green grass throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons, available in both monthly and annual subscriptions.

Magic Lawn Plan

The Magic Lawn Plan offers a comprehensive fertilizer regimen to maintain lawns in optimal health throughout the year. This plan comprises an All-In-One Liquid fertilizer, Soil Balance, and Green Glow. Depending on the yard's size, customers receive either three, six, or nine pouches, providing a complete year's worth of supply. The Standard option, suitable for most residential lawns ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 square feet, is recommended for optimal results.

Prices start at $99 annually for the Dwarf package, $149 annually for the Standard package, and $199 annually for the Giant package.

Magic Lawn Plus

Magic Lawn Plus represents a top-tier plan tailored for individuals grappling with weed issues. This plan is designed to transform weed-infested patches into immaculate, weed-free green lawns. It includes customized nutrient blends and organic pre-emergent weed control solutions. Customers receive an application schedule based on their geographical location, and applying the products takes just 10 minutes using a standard garden hose. Notably, these products are entirely safe for both kids and pets. The Plus plan is exclusively available on a monthly basis.

Prices begin at $33 per month for the Dwarf package, $49 per month for the Standard package, and $67 per month for the Giant package.

Organic Lawn Plan

This personalized organic yard care plan operates on a monthly subscription basis and encompasses four nutrient products: Mighty Macros, Turf Tonic, All-In-One Grass & Garden, and Liquid Lush. Tailored to provide your lawn with the exact blend of organic nutrients it needs, taking into account factors such as soil composition, climate, and specific requirements. The plan meticulously designs and optimizes a feeding schedule tailored specifically for your lawn's needs.

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Prices start at $39 per month for the Dwarf package, $59 per month for the Standard package, and $79 per month for the Giant package.

Puppy Patch Repair Kit

Gnome is dedicated to ensuring the vitality of your lawn and provides a pet-friendly solution with the Puppy Patch Repair kit. This kit contains high-quality natural nutrients designed to address unsightly brown, yellow, and bare spots. Available for either monthly subscription or as a one-time purchase, the Puppy Patch Repair kit comprises two nutrient pouch products: Liquid Lush and Soil Balance.

Liquid Lush, an organic formula, aids in conditioning the soil, while Soil Balance supplies essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and over 70 other vitamins. These nutrients facilitate robust root development and foster healthy growth.

The formula swiftly remedies brown and yellow spots while stimulating robust root growth to sustain continuous growth. Engineered to maintain greenness despite pet activity, heat, and drought, it dries within five hours, allowing pets and children to return outdoors promptly.

Starting at $49 per month, suitable for lawns of all sizes.

Weed Wizard

This product provides effective post-emergent weed control, eliminating weeds down to the root while safeguarding other plants. Visible results are noticeable within a few hours of application. The formula targets both broadleaf and grassy weed species. The Weed Wizard doesn't necessitate a hose and includes an applicator. Free from glyphosates or carcinogens, its natural formula harnesses the power of iron, an essential micronutrient for lawns, to eradicate dozens of weed species.

Prices start at $49 annually for the Dwarf package, $76 annually for the Standard package, and $99 annually for the Giant package.

Lawn Weed & Feed Kit

The weed and feed kit comprises liquid fertilizer and weed control products. It can be obtained as a one-time purchase or through an annual subscription, with delivery scheduled once every 12 months. This comprehensive kit features the Lawn Guard, Green Glow, and Iron Strength nutrient blends. Green Glow releases nitrogen to promote lush green grass, boasting the highest nitrogen level among liquid fertilizers available in retail markets, with a 30% nitrogen content. Iron Strength supplies iron to foster growth, while Lawn Guard delivers organic pre-emergent weed control derived from corn gluten meal.

Beginning at $106.00 for an annual subscription or a one-time purchase option of $119.

Mosquito Defense

Mosquito defense offers a comprehensive solution for controlling mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, ants, and mites. Available on either a monthly or 3-month subscription basis, its control and repellency effects last for four weeks or longer. Infused with lemongrass and cedar oil, the formula imparts a delightful aroma to your yard.

Starting at $33 per month for the Dwarf package, $59 per month for the Standard package, and $79 per month for the Giant package. Yearly subscriptions are also available.

Soil Test Kit

Customers who enroll in a Lawn plan can utilize the code "FREESOILTEST" to receive a complimentary soil test kit. This kit offers a comprehensive method to precisely ascertain the nutritional requirements of your soil. Designed to identify deficiencies in both macro and micronutrients, the soil test kit assesses various factors including pH, cation exchange capacity, and organic matter content. The detailed results provide insight into the condition of your yard and serve as a foundation for remedial action. Upon completion of the test, owners receive a high-quality PDF report along with recommendations. The test offers comprehensive, full-spectrum results.

  • Starting at $50

Other Products

The company provides a range of products and kits meticulously crafted to target various yard care requirements, tailored to address seasonal transitions. These kits include options for summer, fall, and spring, as well as starter kits, pest control solutions, and weed management products.

In addition to pre-packaged kits, customers have the option to purchase individual products to assemble a personalized plan for their yards. These products come with varying price points and purchase options. Moreover, the company offers miniature magical gnome statues, adding a whimsical touch to safeguard your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Gnome Fertilizer?

The liquid fertilizer concentrate is incredibly user-friendly, offering tailored instructions based on your yard's size. Applying Gnome is a breeze: simply attach your garden hose to the nutrient pouch, utilize the provided hose and sprayer, and water your yard as usual.

Does Gnome Use Chemicals In Weed Control?

No, the company refrains from employing any harsh chemicals or treatments that may pose harm to your grass or pets. Even the weed control products, including those designed to eradicate weeds, are formulated with all-natural ingredients such as iron. Gnome's weed control solutions serve to fortify and nourish the soil, fostering robust and healthy grass growth.

Does Gnome Sell Grass Seed?

No, at present, the company does not offer any seeds or plants for sale. Their primary focus is on delivering comprehensive care tailored to suit every type of lawn and climate throughout the United States.

Is Gnome Lawn Care Safe?

Indeed, all of the brand's products are crafted from 100% natural, safe ingredients. Even their pest management and weed-killing solutions utilize natural ingredients, devoid of harsh or toxic chemicals. Rest assured, these products are safe for both pets and people.

Gnome vs. Sunday

Another prominent name in the yard care industry is Sunday. Sunday offers a pet-safe lawn fertilizer subscription program, featuring a diverse range of formulas encompassing pest control, weed control, lawn care, plants, trees, and garden tools. While both brands prioritize non-toxic products safe for humans and pets and offer subscription services catering to various lawn care needs, there are some distinctions between them.

Both companies provide all-natural concentrated spray fertilizers, iron-based weed killers, and subscription plans. Moreover, they both gather customer information to tailor recommendations for optimal yard care.

However, there are notable differences between the two brands. Sunday specializes in pet-specific products and services, catering to lawns of up to 25,000 square feet, whereas Gnome requires the purchase of multiple fertilizer pouches to treat the same area. Additionally, all of Sunday's plans include a complimentary soil analysis, a feature not offered by Gnome. Sunday also extends custom lawn care and pest control plans, which Gnome lacks.

Sunday employs a more comprehensive approach to gathering information for creating customized lawn care plans. Their survey begins with customers inputting their addresses, after which the company utilizes satellite data, climate information, and soil conditions to generate a unique, tailored plan. Predicted soil analysis includes regional soil profiles, growth potential, temperature trends, and rainfall data. Customers can select from several plan options, ranging from basic to intricate, which may include addressing specific needs such as repairing pet damage. Payment options include "pay as you go" or annual payments, with shipping included in all plans. Prices for plans vary, with basic options starting at approximately $109 per season and more advanced plans ranging up to $250 or higher.

Both companies receive predominantly positive reviews, although there are some mixed opinions for each. As is common with any company, certain customers have encountered issues with specific items. While many customers express satisfaction with Gnome, others have reported that the product did not meet their expectations. Nevertheless, the fully organic product lines offered by both companies make them popular choices among eco-conscious consumers. Additionally, customers value the companies' willingness to customize plans to meet the unique needs of every yard.

Our Final Thoughts

Gnome is a forward-thinking company dedicated to addressing a specific issue concerning grass fertilizer and care. Their commitment to the environment is evident through their membership with 1% for the Planet, whereby they donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes aimed at safeguarding the planet.

The majority of customers express high satisfaction with the price, user-friendliness, and results achieved in their yards. Gnome's organic formulas and use of all-natural ingredients are highly regarded, with the company continuously striving to enhance its product offerings and knowledge base. Delivery is convenient, with flexible options for frequency, and shipping is free. Moreover, Gnome stands behind its products with a Love Your Lawn Guarantee, offering full refunds within 100 days of purchase.

As a burgeoning company fulfilling a specific need at an affordable price point, Gnome offers the flexibility to customize subscriptions and product combinations. It's particularly beneficial for smaller yards and those requiring solutions for pet patch repair, pest control, and soil revitalization. Gnome's products surpass those typically found in hardware stores and provide a more cost-effective and less intrusive alternative to professional yard services. Additionally, their all-natural formulas and ease of use make them a preferred choice for pet owners seeking to maintain a safe environment for their homes and furry companions, free from harmful chemicals.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Peeing On My Plants And Grass?

Are you struggling with a dog that continually urinates on your flowers and grass? It can be disheartening to see brown and yellow patches scattered across your yard. Despite our best efforts, convincing dogs to use a designated area for peeing can be incredibly challenging. Dog urine contains high levels of nitrogen, which, in excessive concentrations, can damage grass and plants.

While nitrogen is a natural fertilizer for yards, overexposure can lead to harm. Owners can take various steps to deter this behavior, such as using deterrent sprays, implementing training techniques, or, in extreme cases, installing physical or wireless fences, or utilizing GPS collars to prevent your pup from accessing the grass and garden beds.

Prioritizing the use of safe products for both the lawn and home to discourage peeing and eliminate urine odors should always be paramount. Opting for all-natural, organic solutions such as those offered by Gnome is an excellent initial step in this direction.

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